Why Should I Install Downlights in My Home?

LED downlights consume less electricity

The electricity prices are increasing, so there’s an argument for cutting down on your usage to save money. LED downlights to use less electricity than halogen or incandescent bulbs, around 80 to 90 percent less by some calculations. By having lower voltage and not generating as much heat, they are also a safer option to consider for your family.

They are longer lasting than traditional lights.

No one enjoys fetching the ladder out of the shed to change a lightbulb. The good news is that with modern LED downlights installed by your electrician Revesby, you have to change the lightbulbs less often because they have a long lifespan. Why? Because they are more effective, they wear down less quickly. This can also save you money in the long run.

They look great

Sometimes it’s as simple as that. If you’re looking to create a stylish living space that really feels like home and allows you to unwind, then downlights through your electrician Panania might just be the ticket. A qualified electrician Castle Hill will be able to manage their placement and use.

They create more of a mood if they’re dimmable.

It’s a nice touch to be able to dim your lights. It can create a pleasant mood in the room. Then, at other times, for example if you’re reading and want bright light, you can turn them up again and achieve a high level of brightness. Downlights installed by your electrician Sylvania are perfectly adaptable to the occasion.

You can’t accidentally knock them

Although we don’t normally knock lightbulbs, it is possible to knock light covers or lights that are hanging on a cord. Whereas, with downlights that are flush with the ceiling, there’s no need to worry about tall guests banging their head or glass smashing when kids lose control of a ball.

They work well in tight areas, such as above a shelf.

In your shed or pantry, you might have a shelf that needs illuminating. However, with a normal bulb hanging above it, there may be minimal room to store contents on the shelf – which is its whole purpose in the first place. Electrician Marsfield downlights can allow you to use your storage spaces to their full potential.

How should I go about LED downlight installation?

Installing downlights can be a complex task if you have no electrical background, and safety is of paramount importance. The wiring in your roof space needs to be managed carefully and with skill to ensure optimal safety. Without a professional’s touch, you may struggle to place them with accuracy and to ‘respect’ your ceiling and keep it in good condition.

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